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i-Ready Expectations

i-Ready Expectations

Your child has completed the I-Ready Reading and Math diagnostic tests at school.  This means they may now begin completing lessons on their individual level at home. 

The goal is for students to work on each subject (math and reading) for about 45 minutes each week. 

I do NOT want students to watch a clock or set a timer when working in i-Ready.  I would like for students to simply complete a lesson in each subject each day (one math lesson and one reading lesson).  Most lessons in i-Ready should take about 15-20 minutes.  

If your child completes a lesson in less than 15 minutes, they may do another lesson in that subject that day.  On the last remote learning day, have students check their progress.  If they already have 45 minutes in a subject and no unfinished lessons, they may not need to work on i-Ready that day.  

Please encourage your child to complete and pass lessons rather than worry about time.  They should be able to pass at least 2 reading lessons and 2 math lessons each week.  

If your child cannot work on i-Ready at home, I will make sure they get their lessons in here at school.  

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Remember that I will be posting assignments on our class website each week under each Cohort page.  I am also adding resources on the subject pages that will hopefully help with remote learning.  If your child finishes their work quickly and needs enrichment activities, please have them visit our “Links” page.  They can choose a website to explore and practice skills. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to text or email.    

Thank you ALL for being so incredibly supportive and patient.  Your kids are rocking remote learning and I am so impressed.