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Parents and Guardians

I will post some things on this page that will help you help your children when it comes to music. If you need to contact me my email is [email protected] You can also reach me at (336) 462-9826 by call or text. If I do not answer your call right away please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Music Dictionary  This is a website that can provide you with different music definitions. You can search for certain words and there is a music symbol chart in order to find a certain symbol if you do not know what it is called. 
Virtual Piano This website has a virtual piano where you can hear what a note sounds like and where it is at on the piano. It also has other instruments if you are interested. 
PDF Escape This website allows you to draw and write on pdf documents. If you cannot print off documents you can use this to write on them then save it. How to use PDFesciape Here is a video that explains how to use pdfescape. This is free to use.
Adblock This is a chrome extension that I use to minimize the number of ads that pop up. It helps a lot on youtube. It is free.
If you are wondering where you can look to buy instruments here are some places. Some of these places also offer lessons and instrument repairs.
If your student is going to need a recorder for the year I will send home a letter and I will make a group order also. But if you are wanting to buy one now make sure you look for a baroque soprano recorder. Those are the ones that we will use in class. Here are two great recorders to choose from. 
Ukuleles are not required to purchase but if you are looking at getting one for your child here are some good ukuleles to look at. We will also be using soprano ukuleles.
As you may already know the Yadkin Arts Council is one of our biggest music and art resources here in Yadkin County. If your child is interested in plays, instruments, or singing this is a great place to look for activities and classes. There are also other places that offer lessons.