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Welcome 2nd Graders!

Thanks for visiting our site!  I will try to keep information and announcements posted here.  You should be able to see my posts below.  Newest posts will be first.  You can also navigate this page by clicking the menu to the right (or scroll to the bottom if you are on a mobile device). 
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Click the following link to view our Amazon wishlist.  Feel free to share with friends and family.
I will add items we can use throughout the year. 
2nd Grade Supply List
  • Zipper Pencil Pouch
  • Box(es) of #2 Pencils
  • 2 Glue Sticks
  • kid-friendly scissors
  • 24 Count box of crayons
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Book Bag - No Wheels
  • Headphones
  • 1 Box Facial Tissues
  • 1Hand Soap
  • 1Package(s) of Loose Leaf/Filler Paper, Wide Ruled
Optional Items:
Clorox wipes, snack size ziploc baggies, hand sanitizer
If you have any problems with anything, please contact me via Remind, email, text or call.  
(336) 448-4939


Remote Learning for November 12th

If you are able to work in i-Ready, please complete a reading lesson and a math lesson. 
Reading:   All students have a new assignment in Raz-kids. Make sure that you read for at least 20 minutes. Remember you can also visit Epic for reading material. 
Writing: Write about what you are thankful for.  We will revise and publish this writing tomorrow.
Letterland: Resources can be found on our Letterland page.
-Write sentences
-Read the Unit Story
-Complete the written word sort
-Practice test (make sure you practice words and sentences).
Math: Practice 2-digit addition and subtraction.  Students can make up and solve their own problems using strategies we have learned about in class.
Check out the resources on our Math page. 
Science: Read Week 5 in Studies Weekly: Water (login using Clever)
If you need more to do, don't forget to check out our Links tab.  There is A LOT there!

Remote Learning for Oct. 29th

*I know we do not all have access to the same materials when working at home.  Please do what you can.*
If you are able to work in i-Ready, please complete a reading lesson and a math lesson. 
Reading: Make sure that you read for at least 20 minutes.  If you do not have a good fit book at home, remember you can go to Raz-kids or Epic for reading material. 
Grow Grow Grow Your Boat (Our class code for Scholastic News is: besmiller.  You can watch a video that goes with the magazine, play the game and watch the vocabulary slideshow.)
Letterland: Finish quick coding the words you wrote on Monday.  (I will add our Written Word Sort and Unit Story to the Letterland tab.)  Complete a written practice test (make sure you practice words and sentences).
Math: Complete the subtracting activity found in the family letter (The family letter can be found in our math tab): Make up a subtraction word problem using two-digit numbers.  Write and solve a number sentence then draw a picture to illustrate the word problem. 
You should use a strategy we have learned about in class this week to solve:
-Quick Draw (base ten blocks)
-Add up from the small number (number line)
-Subtract to make a ten (number line)
Social Studies: Read Week 6 in Studies Weekly: Government Services (login using Clever)
If you need more to do, don't forget to check out our Links tab.  There is A LOT there!
**Make sure all work sent home for Wednesday is complete and in your folder.  Keep your brain fresh and be ready for some Halloween fun on Friday**

Accessing Clever

Students can access i-Ready, Studies Weekly, and Letterland Phonics through Clever.  Unfortunately this is the only way to access Studies Weekly and Letterland.  
1.  Go to the Yadkin County Schools homepage.
2.  Under Students, click PowerSchool. 
3.  Students will use their 10-digit student number (also used for i-Ready) to login to NCEdCloud.  The password is Yadkin123 (be sure to capitalize).
4. After logging in, students will see several tiles.  Click the blue icon with the "C" for Clever.
5. Click "Login with NCEdCloud" NOT google.
6.  Make sure you see your name at the top of the page after logging in.  Scroll to the bottom to access the different sites.  

i-Ready Expectations

Your child has completed the I-Ready Reading and Math diagnostic tests at school.  This means they may now begin completing lessons on their individual level at home. 

The goal is for students to work on each subject (math and reading) for about 45 minutes each week. 

I do NOT want students to watch a clock or set a timer when working in i-Ready.  I would like for students to simply complete a lesson in each subject each day (one math lesson and one reading lesson).  Most lessons in i-Ready should take about 15-20 minutes.  

If your child completes a lesson in less than 15 minutes, they may do another lesson in that subject that day.  On the last remote learning day, have students check their progress.  If they already have 45 minutes in a subject and no unfinished lessons, they may not need to work on i-Ready that day.  

Please encourage your child to complete and pass lessons rather than worry about time.  They should be able to pass at least 2 reading lessons and 2 math lessons each week.  

If your child cannot work on i-Ready at home, I will make sure they get their lessons in here at school. 

Fact Families

We started learning about Fact Families this week. This video is a good review of what we have talked about in class and will hopefully help with Remote Learning work. Remember that we can make subtraction equations easier by turning them into addition equations and counting on. Check out the Math page to see more videos!