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Welcome to our class Home Page.  I will post information and links that I hope you guys will find helpful and fun.  Parents, if you look to the right you will see a Subscribe button.  This will let you sign up for automatic updates of new posts.
We all have had to find new avenues of teaching and learning this week.  TechnoIogy and I do not always get along, so I do not know how this endeavor will turn out, but here goes!  Like we say in class, "I can do it!"



Check out this this video about States of Matter.
Think about water. 
What is water's solid state?
What is water's liquid state?
What is water's gas state?

Water Cycle

Watch this video about the water cycle.
Think about the water cycle and life cycle we have studied.
How are they alike?  How are they different?


We were just getting into the lessons about consonant blends in class.
Here is a fun video about consonant blends.Consonant Swag by Blazer Fresh
The kids really like these videos from GoNoodle.  Remember GoNoodle is free to join right now, and Letterland apps are free for a while, too.